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Mirai Healing Session

Do you:

Want more out of your personal or business life?

Need some fresh insight about your calling or purpose?

Feel stuck and need ways to move forward?

I believe we have an inborn guidance system that, when utilized, provides clear direction to create a truly happy life.

Negative beliefs that prevent us from connecting with our inner guidance are called mental blocks.

Through the session I use the Ultimate Energy® that will show us which mental blocks need to be released, including social programming and traumas accumulated in this or other lifetimes.

One of the world’s most powerful and effective healing energies, the Ultimate Energy can heal and remove the targeted mental block within 15 to 60 seconds.

After a clearing you’ll feel more focused, spiritually reconnected and filled with new knowledge and awareness.

Session Fees:

90 min. 22,000 JPY (+ 8% tax) - Online (Skype /Zoom) or in-person

60 min. 15,000 JPY (+ 8% tax) - Online (Skype /Zoom) only

(PayPal available)

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"What you did for me was amazing! Don't want this feeling to end. "

"Unbelievable. My stomach pain’s gone and it feels warm, and it is a remote session. We haven’t even met. "

"I literally felt energy moving through my body as she worked on me."

"I felt so uplifted after the session! "

"In a minute all my worries were gone and I started feeling much better about the situation. And yesterday I got a job interview! "

"I was feeling very alone and angry. Miwa helped me see that the answers I was looking for were inside of me. "

About the Healer

-Miwa Kinoshita~

Born in Tokyo, raised in Yokohama. Lived in Vancouver for 10+ years.

Spiritual healer, energy worker and hypnotherapist.